Viswant Duddumpudi
Viswant Duddumpudi

Viswant Duddumpudi

Viswant is an Indian actor who is currently working in telugu film industry. He is currently doing BFH (Boyfriend For Hire).

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Viswant Duddumpudi is an Indian actor who works in Telugu films. He made his debut with Kerintha (2015).

Early life

Duddumpudi was born in Samarlakota, Andhra Pradesh. He started his schooling in Timpany School Visakhapatnam after which he changed to Kakinada and then to Hyderabad. After completing his intermediate in Vizag FIITJEE, he went to Tamil Nadu to pursue his Engineering in PSG Institute Of Advanced Studies at Coimbatore, India and then to State university of New York for further studies.


Viswant Duddumpudi first caught attention with his debut film ''Kerintha'', directed by Sai Kiran Adivi. Prior to ''Kerintha'', Duddumpudi was shortlisted for a few films, but his education stopped him from acting. He received a call from ''Kerintha'''s director after doing auditions and seeing the video reels sent by him.
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