I Was Genuinely Surprised With Matsya Kaand Says Sargun Mehta

I Was Genuinely Surprised With Matsya Kaand Says Sargun Mehta

I Was Genuinely Surprised With Matsya Kaand Says Sargun Mehta

Actress Sargun Mehta says she started watching Matsya Kaand without any expectations but later she was genuinely surprised by the quality of the content and performances.

Interacting with Newshelpline on the sidelines of Matsya Kaand special screening, Sargun Mehta praised her husband Ravi Dubey along with the entire cast and crew for making such an amazing show.

Talking about the show, Sargun said, “See, I had no expectations from the show as I had no idea what’s it about. Only thing I knew was that Ravi is doing a show and he says it is good. So when I watched it I was genuinely surprised to find the show so good”

Further adding she said she doesn’t always watch her husband Ravi Dubey’s shows completely but this one had her hooked.

“I told Ravi that it is not like I can watch all your show’s completely, but this one is just amazing and superb. I watched it whole night. I’d watched the whole series, and ever since than I have been giving Ravi feedback on everything and anything, whether it was good or not, or what I liked or didn’t like. It is an excellent series, and the best part is, while watching I couldn’t guess what’s coming next, when I watched it, I watched it as a viewer, it had me hooked. I loved every episode, and the finale was just a killer show. It is a superb show”

Apart from praising her husband, Sargun also praised the entire cast and crew for putting up such a remarkable show.

She said, “Let’s keep Ravi aside, as he is my husband and I like him a lot. So technically the show is well made, the cinematography is just outstanding, the show just transports you to a whole new place. Actors like Piyush Mishra and Ravi Kishan are just amazing, this show has everything in place, hence it is so perfect”

Helmed by Ajay Bhuyan, the series features Ravi Dubey, Ravi Kishan, Piyush Mishra, Zoya Afroz and Madhur Mittal playing pivotal roles. The show is streaming on MX player.

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