The Ledge Trailer Is Out

The Ledge Trailer Is Out

The Ledge Trailer Is Out

Mumbai, 8th January 2022 (NewsHelpline) - The first official trailer for Paramount Pictures and Saban Films joint production, The Ledge, a rock climbing thriller  is out. The female-centric take on 1993's Cliffhanger chronicles the tale of rock-climbing with strangers gone wrong.

The film stars Brittany Ashworth, Ben Lamb, Louis Boyer, Nathan Welsh, Anaïs Parello, and David Wayman.

The film revolves around a rock climbing adventure between two friends turns into a terrifying nightmare. After Kelly (Ashworth) captures the murder of her best friend on camera, she becomes the target of a tight-knit group of friends who will stop at nothing to destroy the evidence and anyone in their way.

Desperate for her safety, she begins a treacherous climb up a mountain cliff and her survival instincts are put to the test when she becomes trapped with the killers just 20 feet away.

The film is helmed by Howard J. Ford, the screenplay is written by Tom Boyle. The film is slated for 18th February 2022 release.

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