The Long Night Trailer Is Out

The Long Night Trailer Is Out

The Long Night Trailer Is Out

Mumbai, 11th January 2022 (NewsHelpine) - The first official trailer for The Long Night, a horror thriller made by filmmaker Rich Ragsdale is out! This one looks crazy intense!

The film stars Scout Taylor-Compton, Nolan Gerard Funk, Deborah Kara Unger, and Jeff Fahey.

The film revolves around, New York transplant Grace, who is searching for the parents she's never known, she returns to her childhood southern stomping grounds joined by her new boyfriend (Nolan Gerard Funk) to investigate a promising lead on her family's whereabouts.

Upon arrival, their weekend takes a bizarre, terrifying turn as a nightmarish cult and their maniacal leader terrorize the pair trying to fulfill a twisted ancient apocalyptic prophecy.

The Long Night, formerly known as The Coven, is written by Robert Sheppe and Mark Young.

Well Go production house will release the movie from 4th February 2022.

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