Ben Foster And Michael Cain In Medieval

Ben Foster And Michael Cain In Medieval

Ben Foster And Michael Cain In Medieval

Mumbai, 6th May 2022 (NewsHelpline) - IGN drops the first teaser/trailer for epic period war drama movie titled Medieval, helmed by Czech filmmaker named Petr Jákl, about an iconic Czech warlord from history Jan Zizka.

The film stars Ben Foster, Sophie Lowe, Michael Caine, Til Schweiger, Roland Møller, Matthew Goode, William Moseley, Karel Roden, and Werner Daehn.

Inspired by the true story of Jan Žižka, one of history's greatest warriors. After the death of its reigning emperor, the Holy Roman Empire plummets into chaos while feuding brothers King Wenceslas of Czech and King Sigismund of Hungary battled for control of the empty throne.

Daring and righteous mercenary leader Jan Zizka (Ben Foster) is soon hired by Lord Boresh (Michael Caine) to kidnap the powerful Lord Rosenberg's (Til Schweiger) fiancée, Lady Katherine (Sophie Lowe), to prevent Rosenberg's rise to power alongside the corrupt King Sigismund.

Jan believes that Kings are the right hand of God and should be respected & obeyed, no matter what. As Katherine becomes caught in a dangerous political game between the monarchs, Jan falls in love with her strong spirit and dedication to saving the people.

The film is for 9th September 2022 release.

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