College Detectives Trailer Is Out

College Detectives Trailer Is Out

College Detectives Trailer Is Out

Mumbai, March 6 2023: Amazon miniTV - Amazon’s free video streaming service is bringing in a unique blend of mystery, crime, college and comedy, with its new series ‘College Detectives’.

Presenting a fresh and intriguing take on the genre, Amazon miniTV today unveiled the trailer of College Detectives, featuring Mugdha Agarwal, Vidur Chugh, Karpoor Gaurav and Harshal Singh as young detectives. The trailer gives us a glimpse of four young minds set to take us on a mystery case, alongside some entertainment, suspense, and light-hearted comedy.

College Detectives is a set of mystery and crime dramas that follow the adventures of four curious minds who secretly form a detective agency in their college, while dealing with their daily hustles and challenges. Avdesh, Tushar, Mohit & Janvi unravel and solve complex mysteries in the entire college campus with their own trademark and unique methods. They use their detective skills to solve exceptionally engaging and weirdly comic cases in the campus, which later turns into reality. The question about, ‘Will the four curious minds be able to solve this?’ makes for an intriguing watch.

Girish Prabhu, Head of Amazon Advertising on announcing the show said, "Amazon miniTV has offered a library of shows that cater to the young audience, and we are glad to further expand our library by releasing ‘College Detectives’ on the platform which is an apt narrative that the young minds can relate to and enjoy. The show has the potential to be the comedy-thriller pick of the month, unraveling secrets and unfolding mystery. I hope the viewers watch this treat, featuring young talents.”

Mayank Yadav, Chief Executive Officer, Rusk Media said, "College Detective is ready to give viewers the thrilling experience, with some entertaining, real and dark cases. Our college squad is ready to solve mysterious cases and we are glad to release the show on Amazon miniTV which caters to a massive set of audience.”

College Detectives is a 10 episodic crime-thriller, which will drop fresh episodes every Wednesday starting 8th March 2023. The series is produced by Rusk Media, unraveling with more questions than answers, with an adrenaline rush. So put your trench coat on, with your magnifying glass, and keep your eyes for hints because we present you with College Detectives premiering on 8th March exclusively on Amazon miniTV within the Amazon Shopping App and on Fire TV for Free.

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