Wolves Trailer Is Out

Wolves Trailer Is Out

Wolves Trailer Is Out

Mumbai, 18th March 2023 (NewsHelpline) - Black Mandala Films drops the teaser-trailer for horror thriller titled Wolves, a psychological horror movie inspired by true events.

The film stars Mark Nocent, Jake Raymond, Allan Dobrescu, Hugh Wilson, and Rod Keith.

Written and directed by Danny Dunlop, the film is inspired by true events, Wolves is the story of a young unnamed social recluse who stumbles upon a series of local cold case mysteries involving animal mutilations and occult imagery.

With no human connection in his life, he is drawn into the macabre nature of these crimes, which quickly turns into an obsession. Finding himself unable to sleep at night he begins visiting the crime scenes and researching the cases.

He watches interviews with a local professor who believes these cases are the work of a budding serial killer who will soon turn to human victims.

As the details unfold and he spirals deeper into the mystery, can he find the killer before it’s too late?

The release will be announced shortly.

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