Inspector Rishi Review

Inspector Rishi Review

Inspector Rishi Review

Inspector Rishi : Intriguing Mystery with somewhat predictable narrative

Series Name : Inspector Rishi

Release Date : March 29, 2024

Starring: Naveen Chandra, Sunainaa, Kanna Ravi, Srikrishna Dayal, Malini Jeevarathnam, Kumaravel and others

Director: JS Nandhini

Producer: Shukdev Lahiri

Streaming - Amazon Prime

While there have been numerous films and series exploring the supernatural, the latest offering on Amazon Prime Video, Inspector Rishi in Tamil, introduces a blend of this genre with scientific concepts and traditional tales. This fusion is intriguing, but the series, created and directed by Nandhini JS, might feel a bit drawn out with its 10 lengthy episodes.

In the series 'Inspector Rishi,' the narrative begins with a tribal ritual and a subsequent mass suicide in the Thaenkadu forest of Tamil Nadu. Years later, a series of murders occur, and the villagers attribute them to the spirit of Vanaratchi haunting the forest.

Rishi Nandhan (played by Naveen Chandra), a crime branch inspector with one eye, arrives in Thaenkaadu village near Coimbatore, surrounded by dense forest, to investigate these strange murders. Accompanied by his sub-inspectors, Ayyanar (Kanna Ravi) and Chitra (Malini Jeevarathnam) and forest officers Irfan (Elango Kumaravel), Sathya (Srikrishna Dayal) and Kathy (Sunainaa), he sets out to determine if the murders are indeed the work of Vanaratchi, the forest-protecting goddess. The series explores the mystery behind the murders, uncovering their motives and methods.

Naveen Chandra completely shines in his role. He adeptly embodies the multifaceted role of a resolute investigator delving into a series of forest homicides. Sunainaa does a great job playing a forest beat officer. She shows both innocence and depth in her character. All the supporting characters add to the credibility of the show with superlative performances by everyone.

The show has its flaws too. The series doesn't mix mystery, horror, and excitement well, so the story isn't great, and it moves slowly. The first five episodes are slow, and even though it gets a bit better later, it's still slow. Also, watching 10 episodes for 8 hours is hard. The scary parts aren't really scary, and Vanaratchi's appearances don't feel important because the storytelling and camera work aren't great. The twists and twists are not new and they remind us of Tamil films.

Director JS Nandhini tries to tell an exciting story but there are too many scenes that don't matter and the story feels too long, so it's not very interesting.

It definitely sounds like a series that tries to bring something fresh to the table with some amazing performances but it falls down due to unnecessary scenes and unwarranted subplots.

All in all, it is a decent watch!

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