Shama Sikander’s next series of short films named ‘Ab Dil Ki Sun’ is inspired from her personal life

Shama Sikander’s next series of short films named ‘Ab Dil Ki Sun’ is inspired from her personal life

Shama Sikander’s next series of short films named ‘Ab Dil Ki Sun’ is inspired from her personal life

Actress Shama Sikander interacted with media on the sidelines of release of her home production’s maiden venture which will be series of short films named ‘Ab Dil Ki Sun’ on Friday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Shama said that each short film of that entire series is inspired by her life.

Talking about her future projects, Shama said, “My home production house is producing its first film named ‘Ab Dil Ki Sun’. It includes seven short films which we are based on different human aspects. It’s actually inspired by my life and my life’s real incidents which we have fictionalized. It is basically about feelings which me changed as a person, which gave me opportunity to introspect and which changed my view point about certain things in life, so taking cue from all those feelings we have made those short films. Each short film will raise a question to audience in the end, because I don’t think I want to preach anyone that certain things are right or wrong and I also don’t think that it’s my right as I also don’t what is right and what is wrong. I think everybody has their own right’s and wrong’s so we are nobody to tell anybody but definitely, I feel if you ask the right questions then you will find the right answers and now people are lacking those right questions. They are really lost in asking stupid questions, very superficial questions”

When asked when these short films are releasing, Shama said, “In next year January, we will launch our first film named ‘No’ and trailer and all those things will happen next year since it’s a digital medium so for that we don’t have to take film route because now things takes place very quickly so yeah, mid-January, audience will able to see poster of my first film”.

Since Shama is portraying different kind of shades in her series of short films, so when asked whether she faced any kind of challenges while shooting for the film, She said, “It was challenging for me to portray those shades with honesty but at the same time, it was easy for me because it is inspired by my life and I have experienced those emotions. It is basically for people to introspect that why are people getting into depression and why people are going through these mental stresses, illness. I feel no one is pushing us, we are pushing each other so we need to realize that and fix that about our self because only we can do that so, if we think there is one god who is going to come from top to save us then it’s a myth. I think people just need to get out of that and realize that it’s us who can save each other. If we are not going to do that then who are going to do that for us?”

When asked Shama what’s her New Year’s resolutions, Shama said, “I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. I make resolution for myself on each day and for that, I don’t wait for ending phase of the year but my only is desire that whatever work I have done in this year should get a proper release next year and I hope that it gets successful”

Earlier, Shama has worked in Vikram Bhatt’s web series ‘Maaya’ which released this year and in Shailendra Singh’s short film named ‘Sexoholic’ which released in 2016.

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