Tipppsy Came At A Poignant Time In Life Says Alankrita Sahai

Tipppsy Came At A Poignant Time In Life Says Alankrita Sahai

Tipppsy Came At A Poignant Time In Life Says Alankrita Sahai

Actress Alankrita Sahai, who will be seen in Deepak Tijori’s directorial Tipppsy, said that movie helped her to deal with her father’s loss.

Alankrita Sahai was interacting with the media during a promotional gig for Tipppsy.

When asked about the movie and her experience, Alankrita Sahai said, “In 2022, my father passed away, that is time I was offered Tipppsy, while shooting the film I was in different zone, losing a parent in not easy, the film sort of calmed me down, it was a transformative experience for me because Deepak Tijori created a safe environment for me.”

Further adding, Alankrita praised the filmmaker Deepak Tijori for being calm and collected. She said, “Deepak Tijori is such a sweet-heart and a heartthrob from back in the days, and I think everyone knows from the work he has done, I think the way he speaks, the kind of command he has over his language and diction, it is amazing. And the way he narrates his story, his own ups-and-downs, he is always inspirational, he keeps telling us to remain focused and stay on the course. He is so calm and collected, he is like a guru. I have never seen him lose his cool.”

Talking about the notion of actresses not being true friends, Alankrita said: "I don't understand why people often say that actresses can't actually be friends in the industry. I mean look at us, right from the shooting stage to even after completing the shoot, all of us girls have been chilling together in each other's company."

The movie also stars Nazia Hussain, Kainaat Arora, Sonia Birje, and Mandeep Kaur Sandhu in the lead roles. The movie is produced by Raju Chadha and Rahul Mittra, slated for 10th May 2024 release.

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