Most Definitely Says Shiv Thakare On Doing KKK-14

Most Definitely Says Shiv Thakare On Doing KKK-14

Most Definitely Says Shiv Thakare On Doing KKK-14

Bigg Boss fame Shiv Thakare said he is open to doing Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 14, as mentor or challenger.

Shiv Thakare was interacting with media during Tasva X Tahliani store launch in Mumbai.

Shiv Thakare was a contestant in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 hosted by Rohit Shetty. So we asked if he will be seen in the show as a mentor, and he said, “I have been to two countries, while doing the show for colors tv, now I don’t have to do the stunts, hopefully, even if I went, I’d just go out of India to have fun.”

And adding about being a challenger, Shiv said, “If I am offered the role of challenger, I would do it, most definitely.”

When asked if he has any good memories from the show, Shiv said, “When I was doing the show, I had great memories, now I don’t think I have any, but watching contestants compete, watching Rohit Shetty creating fun stunts, see you enjoy all of it, because you did it yourself. The names that I have been hearing which will participate this season are fun, it will be a whole lot of fun season to watch.”

Being at a bridal-groom store launch, we asked Shiv if a wedding was on the cards for him and would he stop at the designer store, and he quipped, “I think they can make an expensive groom, I don’t mind being an expensive groom, but someone needs to come along. First, I need to find an expensive bride. Jokes aside, I love all their outfits, each one has some uniqueness, and when I get married, I will make sure I come here.”

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