Kill Craft Trailer Is Out

Kill Craft Trailer Is Out

Kill Craft Trailer Is Out

VMI has released the official trailer for the upcoming action thriller film "Kill Craft," directed by filmmaker Mark Savage. The movie promises to deliver a gripping and intense story of a young girl thrust into the dangerous world of contract killing after her father, a veteran hitman, is killed on the job.

The trailer sets the stage for a thrilling narrative, focusing on Marina, played by Senae Loutsis, a straight-A student who suddenly finds herself as the sole caregiver for her disabled mother after her father's death. With her family's source of income gone, Marina reluctantly agrees to take over her father's job, stepping into a world filled with danger and violence.

The film explores Marina's journey as she navigates the dark and treacherous world of contract killing, facing off against formidable adversaries while trying to protect herself and her mother. As Marina takes on her father's outstanding hit contracts, she quickly becomes a target herself, forcing her to fight for survival while confronting her own moral dilemmas.

"Kill Craft" boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Michael Parè, Bill Oberst Jr, Isis Eggleston, Amy DiLorenzo, Cole Springer, Theresa Allen, Caleb Baker, Jason Brooks, and Ben Chacon, who deliver compelling performances that add depth and intensity to the story.

Produced by Alexi Angelino, Jeff Miller, and Mark Savage, "Kill Craft" is set to hit theaters on June 4th, 2024. With its thrilling storyline, intense action sequences, and strong performances, "Kill Craft" promises to be an adrenaline-pumping ride that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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