Longing Trailer Is Out

Longing Trailer Is Out

Longing Trailer Is Out

Lionsgate drops an official trailer for Longing, which was originally an Israeli film from filmmaker Savi Gabizon. The film is a direct remake of his own 2017 film also called Longing, and it is once again written and directed by Gabizon this time.

The film stars Richard Gere, Diane Kruger, Suzanne Clément, Marnie McPhail, Jessica Clement, Tomaso Sanelli, and Shauna MacDonald.

Golden Globe Award-winning actor Richard Gere and Diane Kruger star in this captivating drama and English-remake of the celebrated film by the original Director.

Daniel Bloch (Gere) is shocked to discover a startling secret from his past and is immediately consumed by the extraordinary twists of a new life he never could have imagined. With each new encounter, Daniel uncovers a deeper layer of this fascinating mystery until he arrives at a crossroad in his own life.

The film is slated for June 7th, 2024 release.

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