In Love Wasn’t AI Says Raja Kumari

In Love Wasn’t AI Says Raja Kumari

In Love Wasn’t AI Says Raja Kumari

Raja Kumari, the talented American hip hop artist, has once again showcased her versatility by venturing into Punjabi music for the first time. Her collaboration with Guru Randhawa on the track "In Love" has not only marked her debut in Punjabi music but has also debunked any speculation about the song being AI-generated.

Proving her vocal prowess and authenticity, Raja Kumari delighted fans and the paparazzi with a stunning live performance at the Mumbai airport. Dressed in a vibrant long yellow dress, she exuded both style and confidence as she sang a verse from her Punjabi debut song and showcased her famous hook move.

Addressing the doubts surrounding the song's authenticity, Raja Kumari playfully commented, "I am just proving that I can actually sing in Punjabi, because I heard all the comments saying it was AI. But I am happy to be home."

Adding a touch of humor, Raja Kumari also took a light-hearted dig at the United Kingdom, referring to it as "the coloniser land," showcasing her wit and charm. She said, “I was in London, the coloniser land.”

Raja Kumari's journey in Indian music has been remarkable, with each collaboration bringing her closer to the hearts of Indian music lovers. Following her rendition of the title track for Shah Rukh Khan's "Jawan," her venture into Punjabi music has further solidified her place in the industry, establishing her as a truly versatile artist capable of captivating audiences across genres.

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