Dune – Prophecy, First Look Teaser Is Out

Dune – Prophecy, First Look Teaser Is Out

Dune – Prophecy, First Look Teaser Is Out

Warner Bros has unveiled the first glimpse of its highly anticipated sci-fi series, "Dune: Prophecy," set to take audiences on a mesmerizing journey 10,000 years before the era of Paul Atreides, delving into the origins of the enigmatic Bene Gesserit. Based on the novel "Sisterhood of Dune" by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert, the series boasts a stellar cast including Emily Watson, Olivia Williams, Travis Fimmel, Mark Strong, Jade Anouka, Chris Mason, Jodhi May, Josh Heuston, Tabu, Sarah Sofie Boussnina, and Shalom Brune Franklin.

"Dune: Prophecy" transports viewers to a time when the universe was on the brink of chaos, following the adventures of sisters Valya and Tula Harkonnen as they navigate the treacherous landscape of politics, power, and mysticism to secure humanity's future. As they lay the groundwork for the legendary Bene Gesserit order, they must confront formidable forces that threaten to unravel the fabric of society.

Created by Diane Ademu John, "Dune: Prophecy" promises to be a visually stunning and narratively rich exploration of the Dune universe. With Alison Schapker as showrunner and Jordan Goldberg as a writer, the series is in capable hands, ensuring a compelling and immersive viewing experience.

Directors Anna Foerster, John Cameron, and Richard J. Lewis are set to bring their unique vision to the series, further enhancing its depth and complexity. With a blend of intricate storytelling, captivating characters, and breathtaking visuals, "Dune: Prophecy" is poised to captivate audiences and transport them to a world unlike any other.

Prepare to embark on an epic adventure into the heart of the Dune universe when "Dune: Prophecy" premieres on Max in the fall of 2024.

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