Shaan's Sons Soham and Mahi Enter the Music World with "Jadugiri"

Shaan's Sons Soham and Mahi Enter the Music World with "Jadugiri"

Shaan's Sons Soham and Mahi Enter the Music World with "Jadugiri"

In a heartwarming revelation, renowned singer Shaan opened up about his sons, Soham and Mahi, venturing into the music industry. Soham, Shaan's eldest son, along with his youngest Mahi, have collaborated on a song titled "Jadugiri," which has been released to much acclaim in Cannes.

Speaking about his sons' foray into music, Shaan candidly addressed the topic of nepotism, acknowledging that their entry into the industry could be perceived as such. He shared, "This song, which both my sons have released, is titled Jadugiri. The song is composed by Siddhant Bhosle, who is the son of singer Sudesh Bhosle. I am telling you, this is complete nepotism, but what to do, as everyone is doing good work." Despite the nepotism debate, Shaan expressed pride in his sons' achievements, with Soham taking on the role of producer for the song. "Jadugiri" is now available on Saregama, and its launch at Cannes added a touch of glamour to the proud father's journey.

Transitioning to a more profound message, Shaan shared insights into his involvement in the "Bhoomi Namaskar" anthem, penned by the eminent lyricist Prasoon Joshi for Asif Bhamla Foundation, set to release on World Environment Day.

Expressing the importance of the phrase "Bhoomi Namaskar," Shaan emphasised the need to prioritise environmental considerations in all our endeavours. "We want this phrase, Bhoomi Namaskar, to get popular, as everything we do must be keeping our Bhoomi (Land) in consideration. We must take care of our environment," he remarked, underlining the anthem's significance in advocating for environmental stewardship.

The song will also feature Malaika Arora,  Shobhita Dhulipala, Nandita Mahtani, Mr Faisu and more.

Amidst discussions about music and environmental consciousness, Shaan also shared a practical tip for coping with the summer heat wave. While acknowledging Mumbai's relatively moderate climate compared to other parts of India, he advised listeners to stay hydrated and maintain a cool mindset amidst the humidity.

In Shaan's reflections, we witness a multi-faceted persona—proud father, seasoned musician, and advocate for environmental awareness. Through his sons' musical endeavours and his own contributions to meaningful causes, Shaan continues to inspire audiences with his talent, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

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