Pressure Is Good Says Anil Kapoor On Hosting Bigg Boss OTT

Pressure Is Good Says Anil Kapoor On Hosting Bigg Boss OTT

Pressure Is Good Says Anil Kapoor On Hosting Bigg Boss OTT

Anil Kapoor, who will be hosting Bigg Boss OTT season 3 as a host, said pressure is a motivating factor, it is good to have some pressure to do a good job.

Anil Kapoor was interacting with the media during the launch of Bigg Boss Season 3 in Mumbai.

When asked if replacing Salman Khan as host will affect the TRP, is there any pressure on veteran star making his debut as host, Anil Kapoor said, “Pressure is good, a man performs the best under pressure, if there is not pressure, he won’t do a good job, when trolling happens, he will work even harder and put his heart and soul into it. And then audience will decide, and above all this is the kind of show where more the trolling better the outcome. Create as many controversies as one like, just get into the grove and let it rip.”

Salman Khan brought his own charm and charisma on the show and handled the contestants with firm grip. When asked if Anil will have the same approach, he said, “Every person has its own style of handling a situation, the way you handle your life, your career, how you handle all the experiences in life, in my 45 years of career, people have made fun of me, criticized me, and told me, nothing will ever come out of me. He has a Mustache, he can’t be a star, he has too much hair, he doesn’t have a face, he can’t be a star, his movie will not work, I guess it has happened with everyone. Your hard work is in your hands, rest is up to the god, I will follow the same on the show, I will do everything from heart, the team is good, participants are good, I will put my heart into it, rest is up to God, eventually the audience will decide.”

Bigg Boss OTT 3 will be out on JioCinema from June 21.

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