​Sonam Kapoor Faces Backlash from Ashoke Pandit And Priti Gandhi

​Sonam Kapoor Faces Backlash from Ashoke Pandit And Priti Gandhi

​Sonam Kapoor Faces Backlash from Ashoke Pandit And Priti Gandhi

Actress Sonam Kapoor is getting trolled by none other than BJP's Priti Gandhi and Ashoke Pandit over Twinkle Sharma tweet.

A shocking and heinous crime took place in Aligarh, where a 2 and a half-year-old girl, Twinkle Sharma was brutally murdered. The details about the crime against an innocent little girl have left everyone shocked and angry.

Sonam Kapoor took to her social media profile and expressed her anger over the case but her tweet didn’t sit well with a lot of people, especially Ashoke Pandit and Priti Gandhi.

IFTDA head Ashoke Pandit slammed the actress for being biased, he wrote, “I have not questioned your beliefs but want to know why there is a difference in your reaction btwn #Asifa & #Twinkle. Why ds delayed reaction? Why no playcards? Why nt tkng names of d accused? Don’t U think al crimes shld b condemned wth same intensity nd similar language. #JusticeForTwinkleSharma”

Ashoke is referring to Kathua Rape case, where entire film fraternity shared a picture of themselves expressing that they are ashamed to be Indian, actress Sonam Kapoor was one of them.

This was followed by National In-charge of Social Media and BJP Mahila Morcha,  Priti Gandhi accusing Sonam Kapoor was communalising the issue. She wrote, “After shamelessly communalising the Kathua rape case she is now giving sermons to others to not spread hate! Your selective concern for the girl child depending on her religion & the timing of your movie release is so out in the open @sonamakapoor!! #JusticeForTwinkleSharma”

Twinkle Sharma took place on 4th and according to Aligarh police official statement, the little innocent was not raped, she was murdered over monetary issue.

Actor Sonam Kapoor also tried to hit back, she wrote, “‏What has happened to baby twinkle is. Heartbreaking and horrific. I pray for her and her family. I also urge people to not make this into a selfish agenda. This is a little girls death, not a reason to spread your hate”

Sonam Kapoor is not the only one who is facing backlash, actress Swara Bhasker and Gul Panag and many others are also being trolled for having biased take on two similar cases.

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