My Heart Goes Out To Tanushree Datta Says Shamita Shetty

My Heart Goes Out To Tanushree Datta Says Shamita Shetty

My Heart Goes Out To Tanushree Datta Says Shamita Shetty

Tanushree Datta recently opened a bag of controversies by accusing veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment and now talented actress Shamita Shetty expressed that her heart goes out to Tanushree Datta.

In a recent TV interview, Dutta had said Patekar misbehaved with her on the sets of “Horn Ok Pleassss” 10 years ago. The actor also alleged that Patekar had the tacit support of the film’s makers.

In a lengthy Twitter post, journalist Janice Sequeira narrated her account of the incident, provoking many from the Hindi film industry to react to Tanushree’s allegations.

Now Shilpa Shetty’s younger sister Shamita Shetty has expressed her view on the whole debate. She said, “I really don’t think I want to comment on that right now, but I will just say that my heart goes out to Tanushree Datta that is all I have to say about it right now”

Shamita Shetty visited an old age home in Mumbai to Celebrated International Day of Older Persons. Talking about the senior’s day, actress quipped that the young generation is not doing enough for the older generation.

She said, “I feel that we are who we are, because of the love and blessing of our parents. They have sacrificed a lot for us but when it is our turn to take care of them, we somewhere falter. I don’t know but with changing times we are forgetting our own values, our own culture because it is taught in our culture to respect elders, take care of them”

“But we have turned so selfish that we all lead such busy lives, that we don’t give them enough love and attention, which they rightfully deserve at this age. So I think it is such a basic message that we need to give our society if you’re doing it, it is wrong. You have to understand that they are not going to be here for very long, it is your time to give them something back and do it” added Shamita.

Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna Kapoor died this morning due to cardiac arrest and Shamita had some encouraging words for the entire Kapoor Clan.

She said, “It is very sad, my condolences to the entire family, may her soul rest in peace”

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