Let Women Speak Says Smriti Irani On #MeToo Movement

Let Women Speak Says Smriti Irani On #MeToo Movement

Let Women Speak Says Smriti Irani On #MeToo Movement

Actor turned politician Smriti Irani graced the FICCI FLO event here in Mumbai. During her media interaction, Smriti voiced her thoughts about MeToo movement, stating that we should let the women speak, as it is not easy.

With the #MeToo movement gaining momentum across the country, Union Minister Smriti Irani on Thursday shared her experience and thoughts on the matter.

She said, “I started with nothing in both the world (acting and politics) and I never faced such challenges because I guess I was very vocal from day one. I will give you a small example from HRD, I had this gentleman walk into my office, and he said to me that you are investigation corruption charges against me, drop them. And I told him to leave my room. And there was nothing my room, only walls and curtain”

“He went out and told everyone that Smriti Irani has threatened him to throw him out of window from third floor. So I called the guy back and he quipped, so now you must have learnt your lesson. But I told him, sir last week there was no window in my room, but now I got one...”

“So it is not as if, people don’t attempt to degrade you just because they are capable. I had the vilest things said to me, by my political opponents, ministers...and women, who are speaking out, do not judge them. They are mothers, they are wives, sisters, and daughters, and it must be very difficult. They are speaking out let them speak”

During her questionnaire session, when asked about Gender biases and steps to overcoming them, Smirit Said, “Gender biases are something which is individual in nature. Which becomes a part of your inherent personality, because these are conversations you hold with your near and dear ones. Instead of trying to change the world you begin with your own circle or yourself”

“I think we women have this very weird habit, and I am saying this with cameras rolling we always ask for advice, men never do...Maybe that is where we begin. You know what is right; you know how to do that thing that is right, just do it. I don’t want to sound like Nike but just do it....Have you ever seen a man in any program where they are asking how do we become a better man? We only had women ask this question. And the beauty is women always know...if you look at any man in your life, your brother or father, they will always find a gentle way of asking how to set themselves right, but they will do it in the privacy of their homes, never tell people that they need guidance”

“So one of the first thing we need to possibly embrace ourselves with is the fact that we already know... So what you know is what you do...and start with yourself...because if you project that bias than you add fuel to that fire, so the first thing to do is being with yourself, then your friend and world can take care of itself”

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