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Shamna Kasim, also known by her stage name Poorna, is an Indian actress, dancer, and model, who appears in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil films.

Early life

Shamna Kasim completed her Bachelor of Arts in English by correspondence. She resides in Kochi, Kerala.


In the mid-2010s, Kasim appeared in a series of films where she portrayed a ghost, with ''The Hindu'' labelling her as "the ghost queen of Telugu films". She appeared in ''Avunu'' (2012) and the sequel ''Avunu 2'' (2015). She turned down several similar scripts, before acting as a ghost in ''Raju Gari Gadhi'' (2015), which became a surprise hit at the box office. She shaved her head completely bald for her role in the ''Kodiveeran'' (2017), but the movie did not receive a good response from the audience.


In June 2020, police arrested members of a gang on a complaint lodged by Kasim's mother that they blackmailed her daughter. Police revealed that the gang locked film actresses in hotel rooms and forced them to accompany as escorts for transporting black money.
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