Filmmaking Starts With Writers Says Kiran Rao

Filmmaking Starts With Writers Says Kiran Rao

Filmmaking Starts With Writers Says Kiran Rao

Filmmaker and producer Kiran Rao believes that the process of filmmaking starts with writers as they play a crucial role in the whole process.

Kiran Rao was interacting with media on the sidelines of Kashish Pride Film Festival in Mumbai.

Kiran emphasizes that writers are the backbone of any film, as they are where the story originates, making them the starting point of the entire filmmaking process. She said, “Writers are everything, I mean, without a writer you don’t have a film, they are people where the origin of the story happens, they are the beginning of the filmmaking. They are highly important.”

“With OTT and many other new platforms, there is much more work for writers, there is proper structure around pay scale, they can earn a good remuneration because it used to very bad earlier. Writers were not used to be paid very well, that has improved, they get paid now. Thanks to organizations like Screen Writer Association In India, the rights of writer is being protected and I am really happy about that, I think in terms of their due, giving them importance and their due, that is up-to the filmmakers and producers, not just in-terms of credit, but also in-terms of positioning them, because they are most important point of the filmmaking, because they are the starting point of filmmaking” added Kiran Rao.

Kiran Rao’s second directorial Laapataa Ladies, starring Nitanshi Goel, Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastav, Chhaya Kadam and Ravi Kishan, became a huge sleeper hit due to its superb screenplay and performances.

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