Saloni Chopra Accuses Sajid Khan Of Sexual Misconduct, #MeTooMovement

Saloni Chopra Accuses Sajid Khan Of Sexual Misconduct, #MeTooMovement

Saloni Chopra Accuses Sajid Khan Of Sexual Misconduct, #MeTooMovement

The #MeToo Movement is gaining momentum in India. After Tanushree Datta opened a can of worm by accusing Nana Patekar, more and more women have come out and accused celebs like Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, Raghu Dixit, Kailash Kher, Chetan Bhagat and more.

Now Sajid Khan has been accused of sexual misconduct at the workplace by none other his own assistant director Saloni Chopra.

Saloni Chopra shared her dreadful experience of working with the director. She revealed that during her interview for the assistant director position, Sajid asked her if she has ever been sexually abused or if she would ever get a breast job and told her how sex is about a mental connection. She cried after her interview, however, she got the job.

After she joined the job, Sajid told her that she is not an assistant director but director's assistant. Chopra added that Khan would call her at odd hours and asked about the clothes she is wearing and what she ate. He also asked Saloni to send bikini pictures of herself so he could have a look if she ever decides to be an actor.

She alleged that Sajid used to talk about his genitals and asked her to touch it. Recalling an incident, she further added that he asked her to lift a skirt of a girl who was playing a role in his film. He humiliated her by saying that how she thought she can be an actress without any breast or ass.

The abuse never stopped and one night Sajid called her, the irritated Saloni asked him what he wants from her and it's about sex then she is ready to do it but asked him that he should back off after that. But then he called her "naive" for thinking that it is just about sex. He said that it was about she being is "little bitch" and he she should do whatever he asks her to do.

The next time she went on a set for her work, he asked her to write an interview, which was supposed to be published. And all of a sudden Sajid asked her to spread her legs to which she refused. She also added that he kept his hand on his dick and showed her that he has not got any boner because she was unattractive.

Saloni Chopra has written a detailed blog about her experience and shared it online. She also mentioned that she even had “sexist” experience with director Vikas Bahl.

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